Survival Hunter PvP Spec (WoD 6.2.3)

Below is the best 6.2 Survival Hunter Pvp Spec for battlegrounds, arena, rbgs etc… These talents are not set in stone because the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. However, these Survival Hunter 6.2 pvp talents have shown to work great for most players.

Note: Having the right talents is important, but using the correct rotation is what separates the pros and the amateurs.
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(video tutorial for making pvp macros at the bottom)

Level 15 (Tier 1) – narrow-escape
Provides an additional root effect which is very valuable, each offensively and also defensively, and provides far more general value as opposed to contending talents. Tier 1 abilities are important for your 6.2 wod survival hunter pvp spec because it gives you a choice concerning 3 way of bettering your movement and mobility.


Level 30 (Tier 2) – wyvern-sting
Comes with a ranged cc talent over a fairly small cooldown. That is extremely useful inside nearly every match. Tier 2 talents provide you with a alternative among 3 skills offering you CC along with utility.


Level 45 (Tier 3) – iron-hawk
Delivers flat dmg decrease that is certainly generally beneficial as well as readily available. Tier 3 abilities are nice for your 6.2 survival hunter pvp talents because it will give you choice in between 3 means of strengthening your survivability.


Level 60 (Tier 4) – thrill-of-the-hunt
Provides a generally passive buff in addition to allows for far more frequent use of Arcane Shot, which is a must in PvP combat. Tier four skills give you a selection between three skills that increase your DPS.


Level 75 (Tier 5) – a-murder-of-crows
provides a robust injury cooldown. it’s your most suitable option for this tier once the power to deal burst injury is vital. Tier five skills are nice for your 6.2 survival hunter pvp build because it gives you a alternative between three damage cooldowns.


Level 90 (Tier 6) – glaive-toss
is the prime selection of this tier and is beneficial in every PvP scenario. It deals instant dps with little Focus while slowing down your opponents. Tier 6 skills provide you with a alternative between dps skills.


Level 100 (Tier 7) – exotic-munitions
provides totally different buffs that you just apply to your ranged weapon to deal further injury and slow targets. Tier 7 abilities are great for your survival hunter arena spec 6.2 because it give you a alternative of enhancing your damage performance.


Copy & Paste Macros from Here


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