Survival Hunter PvP Spec (MoP 5.4)

This 5.4 Survival Hunter PvP Spec is meant for battlegrounds and maybe some world PvP with friends. If you’re doing Rbgs you may wanna change a few of the talents up.

Note: If you’re looking to always have your Hunter at the top of the charts
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Tier 1 – Posthaste
Great way to stay mobile after you Disengage. Plus you can really close the gap on enemies trying to run away.


Tier 2 – Silencing Shot
Comes in really handy when you’re facing a dps/healer combo. The cooldown is very short, so you can negate a ton of heals.


Tier 3 – Exhilaration
With the Animal Bond major glyph you can heal you and your pet quite a lot with this talent.


Tier 4 – Thrill of the Hunt
It’s very easy to get this to proc, and once you do it’s the perfect time to pop some cooldowns for great burst damage.


Tier 5 – Blink Strike
Does a ton of damage, especially to casters, and the range is really far on it, so it’s hard for them to try and avoid it.


Tier 6 – Glaive Toss
Very short cooldown, so it can be integrated into your basic rotation. The loss of movement speed is also a nice bonus.


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